Diane (bluelilyrose) wrote in 5x10prompts,

One Tree Hill: Nathan/Haley, #16/Kiss

Title: Warm This Winter
Author: Diane
Pairing: Nathan/Haley
Category: AU
Table/Prompt: #16/01 - Kiss
Rating: Mature Rated
Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own a thing!
Spoilers/Warnings: None as it’s AU. Story contains scenes and language of a slight sexual nature.
Summary: Her skin grew warm and she knew she was blushing. Usually, she’d be looking away by now but, for some unknown reason, she wasn’t doing that with him. His beautiful blue eyes held her captivated and she licked her suddenly too dry lips. That action seemed to fuel whatever he was feeling because his eyes darkened and stared intently at her mouth.
Author’s Note: This has been written especially for The Romantics 900th Celebration Thread at the OTH Fanforum board.
It’s also been written as part of my fanfic table for 5x10prompts.

So, Nathan, it would appear that I’m your prize for the night...
Tags: paradiseblue:onetreehill:nathanhaley
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